Louisiana Shrimp Wrap

Ingredient ULF # Portion
High Liner Battercrisp Shrimp 629408 3 oz.
Baron Spices Cajun Seasoning 290810 .25 tsp.
Catallia Cheesy Jalapeno Tortilla 783035 1 each
Marie's Ranch Dressing 270130 2 oz.
Bix Shredded Lettuce 143346 2 oz.
Flav R Pac Pepper and Onions 758904 2 oz.
Ore-Ida Super Crunch French Fry 702362 7 oz.
Baron Spices 7 Pepper Blend 280917 1 tsp.

Place shrimp and French fries in the deep fryer until crisp and golden brown. Lightly season shrimp with Cajun seasoning. Combine lettuce, shrimp, and Ranch dressing with the peppers and onions. Place the ingredients on the tortilla and wrap. Season the French fries with the 7 pepper blend and serve.