The Triple B

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Rancher's Legacy 2-1 Natural Beef Patty 515171 1 ea.
Pan O Gold Brioche Bun 715884 1 ea.
Boursin Garlic Herb Cheese 208830 2 Tbsp.
Cloverdale Sugar Cured Bacon 549277 1 sli.
Revol Bibb Lettuce 133884 2 ea.
Sauce Craft Signature Sauce 463424 2 Tbsp.
McCain Pickle Fries 706030 4 oz.

Grill burger to 155 degrees, season with Livia seasoning, toast bun and spread with signature sauce.

Place cooked burger on bottom half of bun.

Spread Boursin cheese on burger, then top with bacon crumbles, butter lettuce and bun top.

Plate and garnish with side of pickle fries.