Introducing the New Shrimp Burger

As seen at the 2023 Fall Food Show!

You will never look at a “typical” burger the same again. Each Harvest of the Sea Shrimp Burger is loaded with chunks of natural shrimp and flavorful spices that give these burgers a taste your customers crave. Packed with protein and incredibly low in fat, they cook quickly and easily in a pan or grill.

Harvest of the Sea is a national leader in premium seafood products. Their reputation and long-standing relationships are global, and they are best known for our quality, transparency and sustainability. Their sales team is made up of culinary experts who are passionate about seafood and creative in their approach at every level of product development, prep and delivery to your customers.

Two delicious varieties to choose from.

Harvest of the Sea Breaded Shrimp Patty
569791 – 32/4.4 oz.
Harvest of the Sea Shrimp Patty
569792 – 40/4.4 oz.

Topping Ideas

Fresh Start
Avocado slices, roasted red peppers, and microgreens on a sesame seed bun with a creamy lemon and dill sauce

Southwest Spicy
Pepper jack cheese, Boston lettuce, pico de gallo, and guacamole on a potato bun with a chipotle mayo

Sweet & Smoky
Top with mango salsa, fresh greens, and a Sriracha-mayo drizzle on a toasted Everything bagel.

Recipes from ULF Culinary Specialists