Crunchy Kimchi Shrimp Po’ Boy

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Baker Boy 8” Hoagie 715874 1 each
Mrs. Friday’s Craft Beer Battered Shrimp 604642 5 oz.
Tulkoff Kimchi Aioli 289422 3 oz.
Capital City Fruit 2 Layer Tomato 121103 2 slices
Cool Crisp Hamburger Dill Pickle 280799 5 slices
Taylor Shredded Iceberg Lettuce 143346 0.5 oz.

Toast hoagie on flat top. Fry shrimp in 350°F deep fryer until cooked and toss with kimchi aioli. Place tomato on bottom of bun, top with shrimp and lettuce and pickles. Serve with side of your choosing.