Feel the Power Bowl

Ingredient ULF # Portion
Sunsource Garbanzo Bean 192102 2 oz.
Mann Veggie Power Blend 133963 3 oz.
Good Grains Cous Cous Quinoa 758046 2 oz.
Packer Tofu, Diced 152456 2 oz.
Fisher Walnut Halves & Pieces 430826 1 oz.
Honeycrisp Apple, Sliced 100501 0.25 each
Capital City Avocado, Diced 114506 0.5 each
S/O Marzetti Apple Vinaigrette Dressing 269386 2 oz.

Combine quinoa cous cous, power blend, and apple vinaigrette and place in serving bowl. Decoratively arrange remaining ingredients around the edge of the bowl. Serve immediately.