About Upper Lakes Foods

Upper Lakes Foods Understands the Quality & Consistency I Expect

I’ve been using ULF as my primary food provider for 9 years. They provide great one-on-one customer service, consistent products, and offer service no other company in my region provides. ULF understands the quality and consistency I expect from the freshness of produce, the marbling of meats, the flavor of cheeses, to the deep fried appetizers. When we switched hours, ULF rescheduled their route so that I received my order on my schedule, not theirs. Being a seasonal establishment, ULF tries to bring in brokers during our off season so we have time to test our markets which allows us to constantly evolve our menu. Through ULF I have been able to print menus, set up efficient dishwashing and chemical stations, and find the glassware my servers, bartenders, and brewer desire. ULF is the only company in my region that will track the rebates I am eligible for. When the rebate nears the ending date my rep drops off the rebate form filled out and all necessary invoices with highlighted eligible products are stapled neatly together. All I have to do is fill in my company information and drop it in the mail.

By making it simple and easy to track product rebates, print menus, and find new products it gives me extra time to market my business, interact with customers, properly train staff, create new menu ideas, and find more free time out of the kitchen. Being in a small town, it is easy to become a stagnant menu. ULF’s brokers bring in new products during our offseason which allow us to and our customers time to try and react to growing food trends. By understanding and delivering the level of quality I expect ULF helps me bring a higher level of service to my customers which ultimately keeps them coming back. If there is an issue with something, whether I notice it right away and the driver can return it, or whether I notice it later, their representatives have always corrected it promptly and in some circumstances driven the correct product to my doorstep.

-Joseph Tome, General Manager
Boathouse Brewpub and Restuarant
Ely, Minnestoa