About Upper Lakes Foods

Upper Lakes Foods Always Helps Us

ULF delivers their product to us when we ask for it. If for some reason there is a problem with the product ordered, then ULF fixes the problem.  We work with Nancy, and Scott.  Nancy takes our orders directly and NEVER makes mistakes.  Scott is the outside sales person who visits our business and deals  with our kitchen manager and staffon on a face to face basis.  Scott tries to get us to buy products we don’t want.  We do not buy them, but he keeps at it.  We really like Scott.  Scott also addresses any problems we have regarding anything that we and ULF do.  We are very impressed with both of these people as well as all the other staff we deal with from the Will Call to the CFO to the owners of ULF.  We are loyal to them because they are loyal to us.

Without the cooperation and dedicated employees we work wit at ULF, we at the Thirsty Pagan, would not be able to be in business. From helping us to finding cost of our final products to working with us on their prices, ULF has been a true business Champion. We regard them as our business partner, and can not exist without them or their services.  We do not hold any punches in regard the help we need, and ULF always helps us.  We do not abuse our relationship with ULF.  Rather, we value being able to be in the food industry with such a good partner as ULF.  We win and they win.

–Steve Knauss, President
Thirsty Pagan Brewing
Superior, Wisconsin