Mix to the Max

Make your bakes stand apart from the rest.

Pillsbury Professional Mixes, exclusive to UniPro Distributors like us 👍, are tailored to meet your unique culinary needs and right-sized to be a perfect back-of-house fit.

Pillsbury has your back.

The Line-Up

Pillsbury Buttermilk Pancake Mix
338003 – 6/5#
Pillsbury Sweet Pancake Mix
338008 – 6/5#
Pillsbury Creme Cake Mix
336409 – 6/5#
Pillsbury Bakers’ Plus Premium Brownie Mix
336108 – 6/6#
Pillsbury Variety Muffin Mix
333249 – 6/5#
Pillsbury Bakers’ Plus Devil’s Food Cake Mix
336112 – 6/4.5#

Rebate Available!

Purchase qualifying products from now until February 28, 2021, to receive $25 off the first case, plus $10 off the next five cases and $5 off the next twenty cases!

Recipe Inspiration Starts Here

Something sweet…

Mocha Chocolate Chip Muffins
with Pillsbury Creme Cake Mix

Mocha flavors make a fabulous muffin the perfect companion to a cup of coffee.

S’mores Pancakes
with Pillsbury Sweet Pancake Mix

Adding graham cracker crumbs to pancake batter with marshmallows brings s’mores to the breakfast table.

Or something savory…

Bacon and Egg Muffins
with Pillsbury Variety Muffin Mix

Savory morning muffins are a hit when you fold bacon and scrambled eggs into the batter.

Sausage Pancake Squares
with Pillsbury Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Bake bite-sized sausage pieces into pancake batter in a sheet pan for an irresistible breakfast dish.

Introduction to Pillsbury Professional Mixes with Chef Sonja