Now serving Guinness by the plate.

If you think food and beer are a match made in heaven, you’re going to love this.

Guinness™ Distinctive Seafood will make you want to scratch your scratch-made batters and glazes. That’s because High Liner Foods and the maker of Guinness have created an exclusive taste experience you just can’t duplicate back-of-house. With tender, succulent seafood and the deep, bold taste of the world’s #1 stout, now you can have your Guinness, and eat it too.

Stouties, pint-sized Guinness™ battered cod, is inspired by the fun that only great beer, food and friends can bring to the table. These natural hand-cut mini cod portions have the same great taste as our other battered items, but with a crispier texture and handheld shape that’s perfect for dipping.

We have 3 distinct applications for  Guinness™ battered Stouties, click the image for the full recipe.

GUINNESS™ Stouties Bang Bang Cod

Spicy Stouties

Stouties pint-sized battered cod tossed in creamy, spicy “bang bang” sauce and sprinkled with scallions and parsley.

GUINNESS™ Stouties Sliders with Sweet Chili Asian Slaw

Guinness Stouties sliders

Stouties topped with a sweet chili Asian slaw and served on a slider bun with a side of extra crunchy fries.

GUINNESS™ Stouties Salad with Sunflower Mustard Vinaigrette

Haddock Salad

Stouties atop a spring mix salad, tossed with couscous, artichoke hearts and red grains with house-made sunflower mustard vinaigrette.