UPC Retail Guide

People want to support their local restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic. Offering retail-ready products is one way restaurants are getting creative in order to keep the lights on.

What is the Corner Store concept?

It’s simply a temporary business model during the COVID-19 crisis to offer retail-ready food and pantry items in your restaurant. These days, sitting down at a restaurant isn’t an option. Customers are looking for meal options that can be taken enjoyed at home, without sacrificing the quality and freshness of a dine-in meal. This guide lists all retail-ready items from Upper Lakes Foods with Universal Product Codes.

Why the Corner Store concept?

  • Continue to generate revenue beyond standard takeout and delivery.
  • Provide a vitally needed safe environment to shop, with fewer crowds than seen at large stores.
  • Continue to keep your staff employed.
  • Provide curbside pick-up and delivery service for convenience.

What do I need to get started?

  • Floor space for dry goods. Preferably a restaurant space with the ability to push tables to the side or re-arrange, creating a relaxed, wholesale environment.
  • Walk-in cooler or freezer space to be able to sell dairy and produce.
  • Staff to work the floor and staff to regulate health and safety guidelines of social distancing.
  • Marketing plan. We have ideas and tips for you to spread the word about your corner store!
  • Ordering/payment system.

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