ULF Corner Store

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing restaurants to suspend dine-in services, we’re here to help you drive business during this time of uncertainty and give you the tools to transform your restaurant into a corner store. In response to the empty grocery store shelves across the country, restaurants have an opportunity to stock and sell pantry staples – a profitable solution to navigate this transition in day-to-day operations. You’ll also become a beacon of nourishment and support in your community!

What is the Corner Store concept?

It’s simply a temporary business model during the COVID-19 crisis
to provide essential pantry items for families in a safe environment. In this
guide, you’ll find plenty of retail-ready solutions and essential products to
help people find what may be missing from their local grocery stores. Many
stores are out of pantry staples like bread, eggs, and toilet paper, and we can
help offer these to your customers.

Why the Corner Store concept?

  • Continue to generate revenue beyond standard takeout and delivery.
  • Provide a vitally needed safe environment to shop, with fewer crowds than seen at large stores.
  • Continue to keep your staff employed.
  • Provide curbside pick-up and delivery service to customers who are unable to visit your establishment.

What do I need to get started?

  • Floor space for dry goods. Preferably a restaurant space with the ability to push tables to the side or re-arrange, creating a relaxed, wholesale environment.
  • Walk-in cooler or freezer space to be able to sell dairy and produce.
  • Staff to work the floor and staff to regulate health and safety guidelines of social distancing.
  • Marketing plan. We have ideas and tips for you to spread the word about your corner store!
  • Ordering/payment system.

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