2023 Fall Food Show

Discover culinary hacks, gain inspiration for new menu items, and discover game-changing ingredients that will captivate your customers at the Fall Food Show.

The Feed July – September

The newest edition of The Feed is overflowing with hand-picked seasonal products, marketing ideas, and recipes. You’ll discover fresh pizza ideas, how to use… Read more →

Cold Brew is Big Business

Cold brew—up 245 percent on menus across four years, according to Datassential—can be an excellent way for operators to tackle multiple challenges at once.

Expert Tips on Cooking Duck Like a Pro

Looking to go the extra mile with your duck dish? Maple Leaf Farms has worked with hundreds of fantastic and creative chefs over the years, and they are happy to bring their tips and tricks to you.

Trending Global Flavors

The good news is that you don’t have to rely on a pantry full of rare, imported ingredients to satisfy guests’ craving for global cuisine.

Cold Brew Trends and Insights

The National Coffee Association reports that cold brew is the fastest growing coffee drink, with about one in five Americans under 40 drinking cold brew every day.

2023 Spring Food Show

When you have Upper Lakes Foods in your corner, nothing can stop you. Join us at the Spring Food Show for unlimited bites of our newest products, expert culinary advice, incredible savings, and more.

Which Trends Can You Capitalize On?

It can be tricky to integrate trends into your bar or restaurant without losing your own identity, and even harder to do so in a way that feels natural. Luckily, we have some ideas for you.