Seasonal Inspiration June – July

Feast your eyes upon the new Seasonal Inspiration Brochure! It is full of hand-picked seasonal products, marketing ideas, and recipes to help you prepare for summer with refreshing summer drinks, grilling season favorites, and more!

Food Truck Inspiration

It’s time to make sure your offerings are matched with your guests’ expectations! We’ve hand-picked some amazing items that deserve the top spot aboard your mobile restaurant.

Catering Trends You Need to Know

In-person events are making a huge comeback this summer. While we are still feeling the effects of the pandemic, this year’s catering trends are driven by more than health and safety concerns.

Catering Inspiration

No matter what the occasion, the right food can make any celebration extraordinary. Browse our Catering Inspiration guide to find the perfect products and ideas for weddings, parties, birthdays, fundraisers, holiday parties, and more!

2022 Spring Food Show Seminar

Come learn different skills and tools you can take back to your facility to combat low labor, increased food costs, and above all provide your customers with great service and the love of food.

March’s Pie of the Month

Now more than ever, Sara Lee Frozen Bakery pies are the perfect way to help your customers create more joy in the everyday moments. Here’s our pie pick for the month of March.

Bacon for Dessert

With its universal craveability and crispy, crunchy texture, bacon makes for a perfect dessert enhancer. Check out our recipe ideas to make your Cloverdale bacon do more on your menu.

Seasonal Inspiration February – March

The new Seasonal Brochure is full of hand-picked seasonal products, marketing ideas, and recipes to help you prepare for St. Patrick’s Day, up your appetizer game, and more!

Lent Begins on March 2

Lent, the 40-day period when many Catholics refrain from meat on Fridays, is an excellent time to introduce new seafood dishes for the season.