Must-Have Pie + Ice Cream Combos

Vanilla ice cream is a classic choice when it comes to pie à la mode, but we think it’s time to think outside the pint. Check out some delicious pie and ice cream pairings.


Restaurants thrive on differentiation, and today’s consumer is all about trying the next big thing. While most restaurant LTOs currently feature comfort foods, there is room to add more creativity, novelty, and share-worthy moments to the mix.

Generation Tea

Who makes up Generation Tea? It’s the four in five consumers who drink tea and seek high quality and flavor. Guarantee you’re offering a tea that meets the tastes of today’s consumers and capitalizes on the profit potential.

Bold New Sauces are Here

Operators are some of the bravest people we know. And with bold, on-trend flavor from Sauce Craft® Sauces, it’s even easier to translate that bravery to your menu. Enhance everyday items or create something new. We’re behind you all the way.

Winner, Winner, Chik’n Dinner

People may try plant-based eating out of concerns about nutrition, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, or the financial cost of meat–but they’ll only make it a habit if they enjoy what they eat.

Tips for Reducing Labor Costs

Labor expenses, often the second-highest cost of running a restaurant behind food and beverage costs, are a major concern for today’s operators. There is no simple solution, but there are some steps you can take to manage labor costs in your establishment.

Grains, Elevated

The folks at InHarvest are grain people, from stalk to seed. Being rooted in the center of wild rice country makes that pretty easy.… Read more →

Make Your Summer Sizzle

Make your summer sizzle with the hottest appetizers from McCain. Check our top ten products and ideas to make your menu stand out.